Is pay TV industry missing the elephant in the room?
NScreenMedia, March 3, 2015
At BroadbandTVcon in LA on Tuesday, Ronan Mizrahi of TVersity suggested the seeds of the pay TV industry’s demise may already be sown, and that operators are looking at the wrong metrics to see it.

TVersity AirFlinger ready, cloud based browser around the corner
Rethink, September 13, 2012
This looks like a genuine contender to become the AirPlay for non-Apple devices, at least where a pay TV home has a set top to drive it.

TVersity launches AirFlinger, bringing AirPlay-esque features to all devices
The Next Web, September 10, 2012
Launched initially in 2005, TVersity is a streaming media server that lets users beam content from their PC to any number of connected devices, doing all the necessary conversions to overcome inherent limitations of the target device. Want to watch digital downloads on your big screen without manually transcoding and transferring your files to your PS3? This is where TVersity comes into play.

TVersity throws content at the set top, with just software
Rethink, March 22, 2012
TV operators all have set top boxes in place and they have the processing power to transfer content in real time, from a consumers PC or tablet, to the TV screen. The set top is the most obvious place to target content

How & Why To Use TVersity As An Alternative Media Server With Your Xbox 360, February 28, 2012
TVersity has worked well for me. Although the Xbox 360 has a built-in YouTube app, it’s not great, and I prefer viewing YouTube through TVersity. I also find that the software works better than built-in integration with Windows Media Center, which was also troublesome on my PC.

How to build the ultimate home media network
techradar, January 9, 2011
The best we’ve found is TVersity, which can cater for a vast number of players and understand almost any media format you throw at it. The basic version is free, and it’s easily installed, automatically detecting all your media files stored locally.

Digital Trends, USA - July 28, 2010
Software like TVersity can also transcode files on the fly to support file formats the WD TV Live Plus HD won’t handle, just as it will for the Xbox 360 and other media streamers.

Digital Trends, USA - May 18, 2010
The Pro version of TVersity allows you access to a huge selection of online websites that stream media content, including Hulu. It is easy to download, the setup is straight forward IF your system is up to date, and the cost is reasonable.

How To: Make Windows 7 Play Nice With All Your Gadgets
Gizmodo, USA - November 14, 2009
…but the utility (Windows 7) is limited—especially if you do a lot of downloading, or archive video in a rare codec or container. For both, the solution is the same: Get TVersity, because it’s awesome… Pretty much any video you can come up with can be transcoded on the fly to stream on your console.

Media Center Showdown: Xbox 360 vs. PlayStation 3
Digital Trends, USA - May 18, 2010
Media servers like TVersity have also silenced much of debate of file format compatibility. They can transcode any file format into one that the boxes support on the fly, effectively erasing all the gaps in compatibility equally for both devices.

How To Turn Your Gaming Console Into A Media Center, Denmark - June 4th, 2009
Many media outlets have put video of recent episodes out on the Web, and the Web is a better place because of it. However, what is the point of having all this sweet content at your fingertips if you can’t watch it on that nice big TV you’ve got sitting in the living room? The makers of TVersity Pro have the answer.

Stream video to your PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360
CNET, USA - February 6, 2009
We’ve had a lot of success using TVersity with both consoles

Streaming Video - On the Console
Gamespot, USA - February 3, 2009
Provided that you have a console and a Windows-based PC, TVersity makes streaming video dead simple. It was easy to install and configure on our test PC. We pointed the program at our video, music, and pictures folders, and then we selected a few online video streams that the TVersity interface had preloaded

TVersity: The Playstation 3 as a Multimedia Center
computerbild, Germany - December 26, 2008
TVersity not only offers practical features - the program is also chic.

A Complete Guide to Playing Video Files On Your PS3, Xbox 360 or Wii
Gizmodo, USA - November 21, 2008
So, in the end, TVersity wins hands down as the easiest and most elegant streaming setup for the 360… Again, TVersity is your friend. It works just as well for the PS3 as it does for Xbox 360.

How To: Stream Any Video to Your Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and Nintendo Wii
Maximum PC, USA - October 25, 2008
The secret to streaming on all three platforms is a little program called TVersity. The reason we love TVersity is that it automatically converts your content into the proper format for easy streaming, on the fly. This is important because none of the streaming boxes actually work with all the common audio and video formats.

Apps We love, Canada - October 6, 2008
Where TVersity really shines is in how it handles a wide variety of media formats, and transcodes them to whatever formats your console supports, meaning you don’t have to worry about making sure your videos are in the right format. From YouTube videos to high-definition content, TVersity can do it all without hassle.

The Xbox is a many-splendored thing - if you hack it
TechCrunch, USA - September 11, 2008
Free app Tversity neatly sidesteps the pointless video/audio restrictions Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo alike slap on their consoles, making them able to play any format.

The Future of TV According to AT&T
Gizmodo, USA - July 7, 2008
They’ve also got TVersity running off their network, which basically will stream anything to any device with a web browser, be it PSP or iPhone. It’s running over Wi-Fi and it’s actually damn snappy. I’m not really sure how this fits into the IPTV platform, other than their vision of a totally networked home.

Turn your game console into a media hub
Globe and Mail, Canada - April 11, 2008
TVersity is essentially a media server where you manage your media files (video, music and photos), so that they can be available to other IP devices on the home network. The gamut of content is fairly wide, since it includes Internet TV and radio stations, as well as any podcast subscriptions you might have. What this means is that you basically watch (or listen) to what you want, when you want” on a screen that’s many more inches larger than your desktop or laptop screen… Between TVersity and a PVR, you’ll probably have too much to watch at any given time. But to have all that content in a one-stop shop is a compelling reason to expand your horizons and discover some real Web content gems.

Network Video Players
PC Authority, Australia - March 26, 2008
Not only has it show itself to be more reliable than most of the other software we tested this month, but it’s also capable of doing more. For example, it can transcode video on the fly, so even if your video streamer does not support a particular video format chances are TVersity can transcode it to a format it does support. This is done on-demand so there is no need to convert the file before playing it…. TVersity is not just limited to video and music, either. It can also play Internet radio, Internet TV, podcasts, and RSS/RDF/ATOM feeds on your TV using your media streamer. It’s fast at searching through large libraries and supports keywords, too.

The Best Free Software
PC Magazine, USA - February 8, 2008
Turn your computer into a server to stream video and audio to just about any device on your network.

TVersity Delivers Your Media On Your Terms
App Scout (by PC Magazine) USA - January 29, 2008
…it’s one of the most fully featured media extenders I’ve seen…The app’s real power is in how it allows you to customize your experience and how many mobile devices it supports…the functionality behind it is solid and the number of devices the app supports is staggering.

How To: Stream Any Video to Your Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and Nintendo Wii
Maximum PC USA - January 29, 2008
The secret to streaming on all three platforms is a little program called TVersity. TVersity is a a standalone media streaming utility, designed to stream video to devices that support a number of different protocols, including UPNP, DLNA, and Flash video…The reason we love TVersity is that it automatically converts your content into the proper format for easy streaming, on the fly. This is important because none of the streaming boxes actually work with all the common audio and video formats.

WFMU streaming radio on iPhone
boingboing, USA - November, 2007
TVersity, a New Jersey based software company, announced that they had figured out a way to stream to the iPhone…We’d like to thank Tversity for helping us deliver what we believe is the first live streaming offering for the iPhone.

The web’s best 50 free downloads
PC Authority, Australia - July 22, 2008
TVersity is a completely free media server that offers many benefits over using Windows Media Connect or other servers. The program (still in beta) lets you manage all your media and create a tailored entertainment guide - a personalised line-up of channels. It can serve this media to almost any networked device in your home - or an internet-connected device such as a PSP - transcoding video and audio on-the-fly so that, for example, you can watch DivX videos on your Xbox 360, even though the console doesn’t support DivX.

IPTV/VoD: The tortoise and the hare
The Register, UK - August 26, 2007
…TVersity is an act of genius. Install TVersity onto your PC, and you can immediately watch all the content on your PC hard drive through a web browser anywhere in the world. Put a media player connected to the TV screen on the network and TVersity connects to it perfectly.

SPOTLIGHT: TVersity media player makes hard drives mobile
FierceIPTV, USA - August 21, 2007
TVersity … allows the user to view media from their own hard drive on a Web browser from any location in the world…

TVersity Streaming to an iPhone Near You!
G4TV, The Feed, USA - July 24, 2007
TVersity is a great media-streaming solution for Xbox 360, PSP, PS3, Wii, and now the iPhone!…

TVersity adds iPhone support Engadget, USA - July 18, 2007 TVersity, the service which allows users to access their media on virtually all their devices, just added support for the iPhone….

Ins and Outs: Does YouTube fit on the boob tube?
Engadget, USA - July 18, 2007
…In fact, even as YouTube was still in a major growth phase, … software companies like TVersity created means for bringing it to the TV set (via an Xbox or other intermediaries) …

Out of the box, USA - June 15, 2007
…following are 15 digital video startups to watch…such as TVersity Inc., aim to disrupt an entire industry. All are undermining TV’s primacy as an entertainment and advertising medium…

Tversity adds support for PlayStation 3, Wii
ars technica, USA - May 3, 2007
If you’re not familiar with TVersity, it’s a handy application that lets you transcode (in real time) virtually any video into a format that the Xbox 360 is capable of displaying. The latest version of the program (officially released on May 1st), adds support for the PlayStation 3 and Wii…

TVersity Now Available on PS3, Wii
Gizmodo, USA - May 1, 2007
For those unfamiliar with TVersity, it’s the app you run on your PC that lets you transcode just about any format into a format your Xbox 360 can understand. Essentially, this means you can watch DivX, XviD, and other media files on your consoles on the fly…

New TVersity update allows user to play any file format on XBOX 360, USA - January 16, 2007
A new version of TVersity Media Server has been released. TVersity allows you to stream pretty much any media (music/pictures and video) format to your Xbox 360 (with on-the-fly transconding to WMV for videos) from a Windows 2000/XP machine (MCE not required)…

Dummies’ Guide to DivX On Your 360
Gizmodo, USA - December 7, 2006
The walkthrough goes into mind numbing detail on what PC to use, what codecs you need, how to set up port forwarding (not always necessary), and setting up the TVersity software…

Stream DivX To Your Xbox 360 Without XP Media Center
Gizmodo, USA - November 30, 2006
Now with TVersity, you can perform on the fly WMV transcoding and streaming from any XP machine…

Finally, on the fly WMV transcoding for the Xbox 360
Engadget, USA - November 25, 2006
A new TVersity patch allows users to transcode video to WMV – now in real time – for immediate distribution to their 360 over…

On-the-fly video transcoding for Xbox 360
joystiq, USA - November 24, 2006
TVersityhas released a patch enabling on-the-fly WMV transcoding for efficient-minded users seeking to stream video content from their PCs to Xbox 360…

The Future of Television: Games, Media and TVersity
Games First, USA - July 27, 2006
I had the chance to ask Ronen Mizrahi, creator of TVersity, a few questions about the project and its plans to expand support for gaming devices. …

TVersity to Stream Net Radio to Sony PSP
The Online Reporter , USA - June 17, 2006
TVersity Inc this week added support for additional mobile devices, including PDAs, cell phones and the Sony PSP, to the TVersity Media Server. …

Digital Trends, USA - June 12, 2006
TVersity announced today that they’ve rolled support for Sony’s Playstation Portable (PSP) into their TVersity Media Server, their all-encompassing, format-translating media server for slinging music, images, photos, and more across devices, transports, and platforms…

Press Releases

TVersity Selects AppCarousel to Deliver HTML5 TV App Platform via the Cloud
“The TVersity cloud browser delivers the TV of tomorrow, enabling smart TV vendors and pay-TV operators to provide a best-of-breed experience with minimum hardware investments,” said Ronen Mizrahi, CEO, TVersity. “New revenue models on apps and content can be created with AppCarousel’s app ecosystem management while helping to future proof the business of TV against OTT erosion.”
PRNewswire, Septmebr 10, 2014, Read More…

TVersity, the Leading Solution for Accessing Media on Game Consoles, to Surpass 2M Downloads and Launch its 1.0 Version
TVersity Inc., the pioneer in enabling access to personal and Internet media on game consoles and TV connected devices, is launching today its 1.0 version and announcing that its media server software has surged past two million downloads.
PRNewswire, July 8, 2008, Read More…

TVersity, the Leading Solution for Accessing Internet Media on Game Consoles, Surpasses One Million Downloads
TVersity Inc., the pioneer in enabling access to Internet and home media from televisions and mobile devices, today announced that during the 2007 holiday season, its media server software has surged past one million downloads…
PRNewswire, January 10, 2008, Read More…

iPhone Gains TVersity Support
TVersity Inc., the pioneer in delivering Internet and home media to televisions and mobile devices, today announced that its latest software release supports the Apple iPhone…
PRNewswire, July 19, 2007, Read More…

TVersity Announces on the Fly Conversion to FLV for the Sony PS3 and the Nintendo Wii
TVersity Inc., he pioneer in delivering Internet and home media to televisions and mobile devices, today announced on the fly conversion to flash video (FLV) for the Sony PS3 and the Nintendo Wii…
PRNewswire, May 1, 2007, Read More…

Digital Entertainment Experiences Made Simpler With New AMD LIVE!™ Ready Program
The Web as we know it is intended for access from personal computers, yet the recent explosive growth of Web videos combined with consumers desire to access those videos from their TV, makes it evident that a solution to bridge the gap between Web content and TVs is very much needed, said Ronen Mizrahi, president and CEO TVersity Inc. We, in TVersity, are very excited to be working with AMD on their Active TV solution, one of the few out there that aims to bridge this gap by creating an open ecosystem where partners can prosper side by side with AMD.
AMD Hanover Germany, March 14, 2007, Read More…

TVersity Announces on the Fly WMV Transcoding for the Xbox 360
TVersity Inc., the pioneer in delivering Internet and home media to televisions and mobile devices, today announced on the fly WMV transcoding for the Xbox 360…
PRNewswire, November 27, 2006, Read More…

TVersity Announces Support for the Xbox 360
TVersity Inc., the pioneer in delivering Internet and home media to televisions and mobile devices, today announced support for the Xbox 360…
PR Newswire, August 1, 2006, Read More…

TVersity Enables Simple Sharing of Multimedia Content With Friends and Family
TVersity Inc., the pioneer in delivering Internet and home media to televisions and mobile devices, today announced a new set of features that simplifies sharing of multimedia content with friends and family…
PR Newswire, June 28, 2006, Read More…

TVersity to Stream Internet Radio Stations to the Sony PSP
TVersity Inc., the pioneer in bridging Internet and home media with connected devices, today announced support for additional mobile devices including PDAs, cellular phones and the Sony PSP…
PRNewswire, June 12, 2006, Read More…

TVersity Connects any UPnP/DLNA Device to Leading Web Resources Like Flickr, Webjay, Google Video and Yahoo!
TVersity Inc., the pioneer in bridging Internet content with televisions and mobile devices, today announced expanded support for audio and video podcasts and for media RSS feeds by Flickr, Webjay, Google video, Yahoo! video and others…
PRNewswire, April 26, 2006, Read More…