2009 TVersity wishlist + RC7 is out

Seventh release candidate is out with more bug fixes. We think we are getting really close to our first non beta release, which is our biggest milestone ever and so we wanted to take the opportunity and share some of our future plans for TVersity.

In 2009 we have three main goals:

  • Embed TVersity in a hardware home server appliance(s). Initially it will probably be Windows Home Server based and later on Linux based (maybe even Open Solaris with ZFS). These devices will be more powerful than a typical NAS (to allow real time transcoding up to DVD quality), probably as powerful as a low end PC, but with a much lower power consumption. Intel dual core Atom seems like a good fit, thoughts and suggestions by the community are welcome.
  • Add many more Internet content sources, Hulu is first on our list. Already works in the lab and will be released soon in our 1.5 beta.
  • Keep supporting new and interesting devices that have a massive consumer following. Maybe the new TechCrunch tablet will be a good fit???

This is it, please share with us your feedback as well as your 2009 TVersity wish list. Our product roadmap is very dynamic, and since the connected home space is evolving very quickly we are going to adapt as often as necessary.

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