A Patch for firmware 1.8 of the Sony PS3 is now available

As you may know Sony has released yesterday a new firmware update for the Playstation 3 which added support for UPnP AV / DLNA.

We are glad to announce that we already have a patch that takes advantage of this new functionality allowing playback of almost any audio and video files on the PS3, including Divx/Xvid and many other audio and video formats.

This patch also allows playback of some Internet radio/TV channels, albeit it is still somewhat limited in this area. A revised patch that can play all the channels TVersity can typically handle with other devices is coming soon.

You can download the patch at:

To apply it please follow the steps below:

  • Make sure you have TVersity version installed, otherwise install it. Please note that this patch cannot be applied on top of older versions and is designed for ONLY.
  • Stop media sharing in TVersity (via the advanced menu or the tray icon)
  • Unzip the patch file and copy its content over to the TVersity installation folder (by default it is \Program Files\TVersity\Media Server)
  • Start sharing and try accessing your audio, video and photos from the PS3

As always, feel free to share with us your feedback at our support forums.

A revised version of the patch has been released due to issues with the original one.

Second Edit
Yet another version of the patch has been released fixing the green bars and distorted colors appearing with some transcoded videos.

Third Edit
Release is now available with additional improvements and fixes for the PS3.