Good News for Owners of the Philips Streamium Media Hubs

Version, which is now available for download, includes a fix for the famous periodic rebuffering that occured with the Streamiums. This fix eliminates the major issue that may have prevented owners of the Streamiums to switch to TVersity and therefore we have decided to make a special release just for it (and few other minor bug fixes).

Owners of different media hubs may also benefit from this fix, which should improve the performance of the TVersity media server for media hubs connected wirelessly to the home network, resulting in less hiccups and a smoother playback. This improvement may also prove beneficial when streaming media from network shares and NAS devices.

Finally, we would like to remind our users to share URLS of the good online stuff they come across. Let’s all not forget the good old BitTorrent saying “Give and ye shall receive!”.

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