Secure access to TVersity on the go

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Many users keep asking for a secure method to access TVersity from outside their home network. While advanced users are able to set up a VPN, the rest of us need easier methods and so it is with great pleasure that we announce the availability of YOICS with built-in support for TVersity.

YOICS need to be installed on the machine running TVersity as well as on the machine from which you wish to access TVersity. When installing Yoics you can configure it to share certain resources on your machine and TVersity is one of them. Unlike other solutions only those resources which were specifically designated as shared become available remotely and so one has the flexibility to decide what to share and with whom.

Step by step instructions for setting up YOICS with TVersity are available at the YOICS forums at:

Please give YOICS a try and if you have YOICS related questions please post them to the YOICS forums.