Some fixes for V0.97 are now available

Here are the main changes:

Media Library

  • Media library creation is now 2.5 times faster than before, meaning that the scanning of media files that used to take 10 minutes will now take about 4 minutes. This improvement is not relevant for media URLs or RSS feeds since for them the delay is mainly related to the time it takes to analyze the format of the media over the Internet.

Bug fixes and more

  • The problem with playlist files missing from the media library has been resolved, and they now appear as they did prior to
  • The problem with the latest firmware of the Netgear MP101 not connecting to version has been resolved.
  • Smart playlists items now show ID3 tags.
  • Problems with the Xbox 360 possibly not connecting to TVersity when the GUI settings is changed from auto-detect to the Xbox 360 profile, have been resolved.
  • Memory leaks related to backgrorund downloading of RSS items have been fixed by upgrading to the latest cURL version.

You can download it here.