Version is now available for download

It has been just about a month since the last release and the next one is now available for download. The highlight of this release is support for additional media hubs. In fact the TVersity Media Server now supports (in addition to the DLink DSM 320), the Philips Streamium SL300i/SL400i, the Roku Soundbridge M500/M1000/M2000, the SMC EZStream SMCWMR-AG, the Gateway ADC 320 and more. Also, as per our users request we made the folder based indexing hierarchical and not flat and as always lots of online content has been added. Finally the server is now much more configurable and even though it still has no graphical user interface, advanced users can now easily modify its behavior and better tailor it to suit their needs. For a more detailed description of the above changes as well as a description of bug fixes and other minor improvements please refer to the release notes page.

Once again we would like to thank our rapidly growing community of users for providing great encouragement and very helpful feedback, and as always special thanks for all those that made a donation!