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TVersity Screen Server

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TVersity Media Server

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Before you install

  1. Check compliance with the minimum system requirements.

  2. New users should refer to the Quick Start guide before installing the software.

  3. Existing users may want to learn what’s new in the latest release.

  4. Note that you can install the Pro edition on top of the Basic or Free and vice versa, and in both cases all your media sources will be preserved.

Minimum System Requirements (Free edition)

  1. Pentium 4 or better (Core i3 or better is recommended)

  2. 256 MB of memory or more (2GB recommended)

  3. 300 MB of disk space (At least 4 GB of free space is recommended for cache area of transcoded media)

  4. Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1

  5. DirectX 9.0 or higher

  6. Windows Media Player 9.0 or higher

  7. Administrator account is needed for installation as Windows service

  8. Internet connection required for license key verification (no proxies)

Minimum System Requirements (Pro edition)

In addition to the above the Pro edition requires:

  1. For transcoding to H.264 (iOS, Android, Roku) Windows 7 or newer is required

  2. For transcoding to WMV (Xbox 360) Windows Media Player 11 is required

  3. Audio enabled on the computer running the software

  4. For Flash based web content, the latest Flash Player installed and working with either Firefox or Google Chrome is required (Flash player can be downloaded from here - please choose the Firefox version).

Minimum System Requirements (Screen Server)

In addition to the above the Screen Server requires:

  1. Windows 7 or newer is required.

  2. For best results, it is highly recommended to change your screen resolution to 1280x720 before mirroring and to disable Windows aero.

Additional Notes

  1. The minimum requirements will allow real-time transcoding of media files with bitrates up to 300-400 kbps. Higher bitrates will require faster machines.

  2. Media files that do not require transcoding, i.e. can be played by the media player device as is, will work well on systems meeting the minimum requirements, disregarding their bitrate, and in fact can even work on slower machines.

  3. A modern, desktop grade, single core CPU is required for real-time transcoding of standard definition video (e.g. WMV 640x480 1.5Mbps).

  4. Multi core or multi CPU systems are required for real-time transcoding of high definition video (or Intel Quick Sync Video support in the CPU).

  5. Non real-time transcoding of any bitrate video can be done on any machine, with the speed of the machine determining the time it takes to complete the transcoding.

  6. TVersity Media Server / Screen Server would not have been possible without the linked 3rd party software.

ATTENTION: TVersity Media Server / Screen Server (including free, Basic and Pro editions) are intended for in-home, personal, non-commercial use only. A commercial license (including a developer license) is available here.