User Testimonials

“I’ve used TVersity for five years, and have been able to easily and quickly stream widely different media types to Xbox, PlayStation, D-Link Media Lounge and even to my phone. The almost effortless installation and configuration is a model for how software is supposed to work.” Dan Goldman

“I recently read up on your product and decided to give the free version of TVersity a shot. It had actually come down as a desperation move, since all my other attempts at sharing my music and media from my Windows 7 PC to my PS3 were not working. I tried the standard Windows Media Player sharing and had even purchased software and nothing has worked. So I gave your product a shot. After installation and mapping of my music files (I have a lot of files), I was up and running. I was up and running SEAMLESSLY. I don’t think I’ve used a simpler software package before.”

“This is the greatest piece of freeware ever. Love it! I don’t know how I lived without it. I use it everyday now, I don’t even need cable anymore.”

“I for one don’t like watching video on my computer. I have a 60 inch HDTV and that is my preferred place to watch video. I have started streaming as many feeds as I can through my PS3, one of my favorites is the CNETTV feeds. Until I can watch hulu or any of those on my tv I won’t be watching them. They need to work out a deal with Tversity so they can stream content over the PS3. It works with YouTube.” (source: CNET)

“Your software has changed the way my family watches TV and Movies! I tell everyone I know about your software and it has sold 3 xbox 360’s for MS, after demoing my setup to friends and family. How do you do it with offering your software for free? I’m amazed.”

“My family is now using TVersity every day. It has become second nature to them, like operating a cable box. Now they are saying that cable is irrelevant to them. I did it!!”

“This new version of TVersity is the answer. For the first time ever I can now stream every single video I have to my 360, without exception, with virtually no quality loss and with no lag. Excellent!”

“One of the best applications for the PSP…If Sony is listening in, this software also encouraged me to purchase a 2nd PSP - that had more to do with ease of use than anything else”

“Being able to listen to internet radio instead of a limited collection while I play my games, on Xbox Live or off, is a great feature!”

“My Tversity Media Server has been running like a dream for a year or so now - Kudos guys, great app.”

“TVersity - 1000 times better than Media Connect for 360.”

“it’s much better than Media Connect. I’ve now got my PSP and laptop linked to TVersity too. I highly recommend anyone with connection issues (there are many in this and other forums) to give it a try.”

“I really enjoy using it to stream audio to my PSP all around the house.”

“Great News … the library interface works fine on my Dell X30 PDA. It doesn’t stream mp3 files at this point, it does download and play them (which when you think about it is probably a good thing if you want to play music on the subway :) I was able to access my video feeds ok and they played in the older version of Windows Media player on my device. Again great news.”

“And the winner is… TVersity! After a week or so of on and off futzing trying to get my music library streaming to my HR20’s, I finally have success. First try was TwonkyVision… Too bad that EVERY file I tried to play sounded like it was playing in slow motion, as had been reported by others here. Next was WMP 11… what I found was that if you have a small number of songs in your library, it works great. Once I added my entire library (all mp3’s; 22,000+ songs totaling over 110GB) I could not access a single track. It seemed as if the unit were timing out trying to retrieve the lists of albums/artists/songs or something. This afternoon I decided to try TVersity. It was almost too easy… And just like that (about 30 minutes of effort), I have my entire library accessible on both HR20’s - one hard-wired to the router and one using the Linksys Wireless Gaming Adapter.”

“This software was a lifesaver. I never thought I’d get off the phone with D-Link’s sub-par technical support, but because they had me on hold over the course of an hour, I was able to find out that your software could interact with my uPNP D-Link DSM-320. The awful server software that came bundled with the DSM-320 has tons of problems, specifically not being able to consistently play the same types of video files. In the time I was on hold, I found TVersity, installed it, configured it, tested it, and before someone could come back on the line with some ridiculously uninformed response, I had hung up and was enjoying my video files through TVersity uPNP media server. Thanks TVersity!!”

“After I installed the DSM 320 and was quickly disappointed with the interface after trying the DLINK Software and Media Player 11. But than after a little reading on the net I found your site and you saved the day!.What a difference….I really appreciate good software as I am a long time software developer myself.”

“Awesome piece of software, I have no words for it, having videos from Metacafe, radio web stations, or web TV shows streamed on the same DSM, but using only a different software makes me wonder what I could possibly discover tomorrow”

“I bought a D-Link DSM 320RD. I spent hours on my own and with their tech support trying to make it work. I was ready to throw it in the trash until I found your product, The first version I downloaded worked great, The version I downloaded today is totally awesome!!!”

“Thanks for TVersity, I would probably have returned my DSM520 if I had to use the D-Link software”

“I’ve tried a variety of different content types and all worked so far. Audio streaming to a Noxon audio receiver and online video to a DSM320 simultaneously over an 11g wireless n/work. Like someone else had reported, I had switched to running twonky for audio and the Mediaserver from dlink for video, now its back to just one server.”

“It’s sad that it takes a 3rd party vendor to create software that works, whereas SMC has such small morals and values that they screw their customers over by shipping sub-standard/incomplete software. I have struggled with their “support” for a very very long time to try to get all functions on this thing to work…..looks like the media server software was the essential culprit. “

“I am about to move away from TwonkyVision and got TVersity just configured. Performance is significantly better, especially in browsing (46,000+ tracks). “

”…The idea to support online content in TVersity rocks. This is why I have a DSM320 today. DLink should pay you (TVersity deserves more than my donation)”

“First, I must say I’m very impressed with the program already! Even in Alpha, it’s very stable, quite user friendly and certainly very fast on it’s screen displays (like scrolling large collections of MP3’s). It plays back EVERY mp4 file I own!”

“So far for me, this server has the promise to be my best hope yet. I was just about to trash my DSM, and this came along just in time for me to hang in a bit longer.”

“Very cool stuff! Frees one from the limited online media choices that are formally supported by the UPnP media renderers… “

“I installed TV today… looks like an awesome product in the making. Online audio and video worked great… Watched ManiaTV for a good hour.. Listened to the BBC World Service for a little while. And as an acid test for 30 minutes.. watched one of my Nero Recode MP4 Concert Videos for about 30 minutes everything worked fine…Your server looks like it will be my all around solution. the thing looks fantastic.. good enough to ditch my TimeWarner cable and just use Roadrunner and the TVersity / DSM-320 combo, and an outdoor antenna for local television. I don’t watch much TV anyway so as your online content expands it will be all I need. “

“As a side note, I am military stationed in Japan with a Korean wife. I only bring this up because of the promise TVersity brings with streaming tv content (I miss American tv … even the commercials!). As far as the WAF (Wife Acceptance Factor) is concerned, it is pegged out at 10. TVersity offers the ONLY way for her to get Korean channels. This has made my life so much better … thank you TVersity!”

“I just bought the DMS 320 and boy was i disappointed that I couldn’t watch my recorded TV shows from the media center, I was thinking I was going to return it when I started searching the Internet and found TVersity Media Server. Installed easily once I read the firewall issue it worked great. Thanks for making the media Lounge work the way I wanted it to!”

“Man this is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen, breaths new life into my otherwise hopeless dsm320! Love the tv around the world feature, please add more!!!”

“This is an amazing piece of software that is unlocking the massively untapped abilities of the DSM, aside from the obvious (donations, bug reporting) what can the average joe do to help?”

“Thank you for hard work and this fantastic product that unlocks so much of the potential of the DSM-320”

“My library (video and audio) is around the 0.5TB mark and Tversity is handling it just fine. I’m so impressed with what i’ve seen, I bought another DSM320 last week.”

“Even though it is still an alpha release I am hugely impressed and have turned my DSM320 on for the first time in a couple of months… will be getting used a lot more now!!”

“I have tried many servers including Windows Media Connect, DLink Server, Nero Media Home and Twonky Vision. I have found them all lacking in one way or another. Some are down right useless. I have been testing your offering with my DSM-320 and Nero Show Time and it seems promising, well done!”

“Just wanted to mention that TVersity is just what the DSM needed!”

“I’d just like to second that and say thanks very much for such a great product - especially at such an early stage in its life.”

“This is a great project. Speaking of great projects, everyone interested in this project should make a contribution as soon as possible. I already have. Those of you who, like me, were getting ready to trash their DSM-320’s should be willing to make a small financial contribution to a project that may be the answer to what we’ve all been looking for for so long. The bugs will be there, but I for one, see a light at the end of the tunnell.”

“What an excellent product! Thank you very much. I will be donating very shortly.”

“Thanks so much for all your hard work. You made our DSM320 useful again! 99% of my files are running fine.”

“your project is really very interesting in this emerging technology. keep up the good work! some friends of mine were baffled with online pictures of international spacestation live via internet on the big screen”

“I’ll help as much as I can. Its a real bonus to use just one media server, I was using Dlink for video and Twonky for audio. TVersity does both, and much more.I really like the Internet TV stuff.”

“I was having problems with DLink Media Server not serving my divx movies, so when I called support at DLink the recommended TVersity. I haven’t looked back. By far the best media server on earth!”

“I recently bought D-Link’s DSM-320. The software that came with the box would not work. I tried Windows Media Connect. It works sometimes. I tried TwonkyTV and it turned the display into to two big pixels. One blue, one black. TVersity worked the first time! Heck It even played Virgin Classic internet radio for me through the DSM-320, and that is on a dial-up connection. A few more tweaks and it will be perfect… it is the “Best media server out there.” Small foot print, tight code, and most importantly - it works!!”

“Just another “THANK YOU”!! I am a Telegnt TG100 user which seems to be not very unproblematic.Thanks to your great software, I am able to play back almost every media content”