Getting Started
Our quick start guide is the fastest way to get your TVersity installation up and running.
Supported Web Content (including Premium Content Websites)
The Pro edition of TVersity let’s you subscribe to an ever growing collection of premium online content websites.
Supported Devices
Not sure if TVersity supports your conected devices? Check our list of supported devices for more information.
Frequently Asked Questions
Our General FAQ includes step-by-step instructions for many common tasks. Please also check the troubleshooting FAQs before contacting us.
Release Notes
Find out what is new in the latest release.
Tagging Guidelines
Learn how to maximize the benefits of tags for effective sharing with others and for a more personalized navigation menu.
Support Forums
Discuss TVersity related issues with other TVersity users.
Our Wiki allows you to contribute important knowledge as a TVersity user, as well as enjoy information shared by others. We just started a wiki recently so we need all the help we can get to populate it with valuable knowledge.
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Advanced users, can submit a custom device profile via the following link.