Supported Premium Content Sites

The Pro edition of TVersity let’s you subscribe to an ever growing collection of premium online content websites and watch your favorite programming on TV via your game console, Set-Top-Box and many other devices.

  • * Audio and Video Podcasts (see iTunes for a comprehensive list of podcasts available online).
  • * WMA and WMV streaming (RTSP, MMS, HTTP).
  • * Any common audio/photo/video format available over HTTP.
  • * Subscription to RSS/MRSS/ATOM/OPML/RDF.
  • * Google Video and Picasa Web Albums
  • * Flickr
  • * Funny Or Die
  • *
  • Some of these websites are only available in certain regions of the world.
  • The list of supported sites (by any product edition) is subject to change without prior notice.