Quick Start for Chromecast and HTML5 browsers

  1. For Chromecast, please first make sure you have the Chrome web browser installed along with the Google Cast extension.

  2. Choose the Media Library / Chromecast option from the main menu of the TVersity Media Server / Screen Server GUI.

  3. This should open a web page showing your media library.

  4. For Chromecast, make sure the page is opened in the Chrome web browser (if this is not the case then copy and paste the URL in the address bar to the Chrome web browser before continuing).

  5. This interface allows you to navigate your library and select content for playback, once selected you can play it within the browser or use the cast icon to send it to Chromecast.

  6. If the cast icon is disabled, first make sure your Chromecast is working and is connected to the same network as the PC running TVersity Media Server / Screen Server. If nothing else works, try disabling and re-enabling the Google cast extension in Chrome.

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