Quick Start for Sony PSP

Note: firmware 2.6 or higher is required.

  1. In order to access the media library from the Sony PSP, please start the Sony PSP web browser and enter the address http://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx :41952/lib for the Media Server and http://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx :41954/lib for the Scren Server, where the IP address of the computer running TVersity Media Server / Screen Server is used instead of xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx. You can find out the IP address of your computer on Windows by following the instructions on this page.

  2. Once you share media from your home network you will be able to download it to the PSP (via the web browser) or stream it (via the RSS reader - see below). You may expect to play the media by clicking it, however the PSP web browser is configured to download media files when clicking on them and store them on your memory card. While this behavior is useful for downloading content from your media library to the PSP (for playback when no network connection is available), it will not allow you to play live content such as Internet radio stations.

  3. Luckily the PSP RSS reader can do audio streaming, i.e. it can play the audio off the network without first downloading it (a necessary feature for playing live content and very convenient for music tracks). In order to see this feature in action, click on the RSS icon (the orange icon at the top right corner of the TVersity Media Server / Screen Server library interface toolbar) and this will result in the PSP browser asking if you wish to add this Podcast. Please select Yes, close the web browser and open the RSS reader. Navigate to the podcast you just added, select one of the items and play it. After a few seconds (the time it takes to buffer some data off the for playback) you should be able to listen to the radio station on your PSP. At this point you can pause the station, rewind and then fast forward it, despite the fact that it is streaming live, because the TVersity Media Server comes with built in support for time shifting.

  4. Please note that the PSP cannot handle folders inside RSS feeds and therefore only the music tracks inside the feed will be displayed in the PSP RSS Reader. This also means that if you add an RSS feed comprised only of folders (such as the root of the media library) nothing will be displayed in the PSP RSS Reader.

  5. For videos, TVersity Media Server converts them to a format that is compatible with the PSP when you download them via the web browser. Please note that, unlike audio, videos start downloading only after the conversion is complete (this is a limitation of the format to which videos are converted). For that reason you can not play live streams and you cannot stream videos to the PSP, you can only download them, store them on the memory stick and play them later directly off the stick. With audio, the download and the conversion happen simultaneously and therefore streaming (via the RSS reader) is possible. In order to download a video, navigate the library and click on it. This will start the conversion however it will not start the download (unless the video is already in a PSP compatible format or was already converted once in the past via TVersity Media Server). Only when the conversion is complete the PSP will start downloading it. If the conversion takes a while the PSP will display an error message. Do not be discouraged by it, the PSP is simply not designed to wait long periods of time for the download to start. All you need to do is click the video again and wait till the conversion is complete.

  6. Once the conversion is done, the download can be started, and once the download is complete, you can leave the web browser, go to the video section of the PSP menus and play the newly downloaded video.

  7. Do not attempt to download live streams since in principle they are of an infinite length and hence cannot be stored on the PSP memory stick.

  8. Congratulations! You have successfully installed the server and used it to play online content on your Sony PSP.

  9. If you wish to access your media library on the go using your Sony PSP, you will need to use the public IP address assigned to your router by your ISP and to configure your router to forward a port (41952 for Media Server and 41954 for Screen Server) to the computer running TVersity Media Server / Screen Server. In other words, you will need to open the TVersity Media Server / Screen Server port (41952 / 41954) on your router/firewall for incoming connections and use your public IP address or a dynamic DNS instead of the xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx in the URL you open in the PSP browser. Step by step instructions for the setup of port forwarding with a specific router make and model, are available at portforward.com. You can find your public IP address by clicking here.

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