DLNA Devices (Xbox One / 360, PS3, PS4 Roku and others)

  1. The server should automatically be discovered by your UPnP / DLNA media player. Some players do this discovery each time they are turned on, others need to be explicitly put in a discovery/search mode. If this is the case for your player, please put your player in this mode.

  2. If you are using a Roku device, you will need to install the Roku Media Player Channel.

  3. If you are using the Xbox One you will need to install the Media Player app first. Refer to the Xbox One website for more information.

  4. If you are using the Xbox 360, it will discover TVersity Media Server / Screen Server when you set it to access music, photos or videos from a computer. You may need to first disconnect from the previous server you used (done via the system blade) or else the 360 will keep reporting that no servers were found on the network.

  5. Please refer to this Troubleshooting section if you are having difficulties with automatic discovery.

  6. As the media player discovers the TVersity Media Server / Screen Server you should see the name of the server appearing on your display. At that same time the server is discovering the make and model of your media player so that it can better serve it. The TVersity Media Server / Screen Server can identify automatically many different devices, however if your device is not on the list of automatically discovered devices you may need to manually set your device make and model from the TVersity Media Server / Screen Server GUI (if your device does not appear at all in our list of devices, chances are that it will still work if it indeed supports the UPnP AV or DLNA standard and so you need to select from the list a device that has a similar set of capabilities to the one you are using in terms of the media formats it supports).

  7. At this point the media library should not be empty so you will be able to access some content. Use your remote to navigate the menus, and find some media items. Click on any of them and after a short while (or a few seconds for web content - the time it takes to buffer some data off the Net for playback) you should be able to watch/listen to the played media on your device. At this point you can pause the station, rewind and then fast forward it, even when it is live web streaming (like web radio stations or live video broadcasts), because the TVersity Media Server / Screen Server come with built in support for time shifting.

  8. Xbox 360 users, will not be able to navigate the entire audio hierarchy provided by TVersity Media Server since the device has been designed to access only specific portions of one’s music library. In order to overcome this, TVersity Media Server will show under saved playlists not only your music playlists but also Internet podcasts, under songs not only your music tracks but also Internet audio streams. The 360 does allow full library navigation for photos and for videos.

  9. Given the Xbox 360 above mentioned restrictions, if you wish to better organize Internet content on the Xbox 360, you can place it in a playlist. Then set the Xbox to access music from a computer, navigate to saved playlists, select the one you created and play one of its items. You can learn more about creating playlists for TVersity Media Server here.

  10. On the Playstation 3, in addition to streaming media, you can also download media to the PS3 hard drive by selecting some file, invoking the options menu and choosing the “copy” operation. This can even be done on entire folders. As the copy is taking place, TVersity Media Server will automatically convert the media that would otherwise not play on the PS3.

  11. Also on the Playstation 3, you may occasionally get an error message saying that the access to the server has been denied. In most cases you can safely ignore this message, since the Playstation 3 is simply not patient enough for data to be sent to it. When TVersity Media Server converts media to a format compatible with the PS3, there is a few seconds delay before data becomes available and during that time this error message may be displayed. In some cases the PS3 will display the error and then play the media, in other cases it will simply go back to the menus, or display a second error message claiming that the media is unsupported. In the two latter cases you simply need to try playing again and it should work. With Internet video (as opposed to files located on your home network) the delay is not just a few seconds but rather it can be up to 30 seconds. With Internet audio it can be up to two minutes and more. This is because the PS3 insists on getting a lot of data (roughly 1 Mb) before initiating playback. If after that period of time you still get an error message, chances are TVersity Media Server is not able to convert that particular video. In most cases this can be fixed by installing a missing directshow filter. For more information please contact support.

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