Adding Internet Content to Your Media Library

One of the unique features of TVersity Media Server is its support for user generated program guides. TVersity Media Server does not create a dedicated set of menus for navigation on TV (or mobile device) with all the different shows and episodes, for each of the websites it supports. There are simply too many sites for that approach to be useful. Had we done it the result would have been overwhelming to the user and things would get worse as we added more sites. How can you be expected to navigate TV menus with thousands, tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of items? Instead we let you subscribe to content of choice from any one of the sites we support, we call this personal collection of Internet video, photo, and audio your Personal Entertainment Guide (PEG) .

  1. Simply point your browser to a page on a supported website featuring your video of choice, drag and drop the icon to the left of the address bar on your browser to the TVersity Media Server GUI and a dialog box will pop up with the video address pre-populated, leaving it up to you to choose the title, tags, and so on. Click submit and you have just added the first Internet video to your media library.

  2. Want to subscribe to an entire show (not just an individual video) and have TVersity Media Server update your subscription automatically? You can do it by subscribing to RSS feeds (as long as the site offers video related RSS feeds). Let’s take TED for example, they offer several RSS feeds with TED Talks. You can drag and drop these RSS links to the GUI and add that show to your personal program guide. You can do the same for RSS feeds from many other sites.

  3. If you want to manage your content on the website itself (YouTube has favorites, playlists, subscriptions and other resources managed per user). You do not need to manage that content twice. The Free, Basic and the Pro editions allow subscribing to your YouTube resources, Flickr photos, and so on. This way when you add something on the web site, TVersity picks it up the next time it refreshes the library (every midnight by default, but you can increase the frequency if you wish).

With some websites (e.g. Hulu and Crackle) you may be asked to verify your age prior to the playback of some video. Since you cannot do this verification when watching the video on TV via TVersity Media Server, a different solution is required. In most cases registering to these sites eliminates the need to do age verification on a per video basis. If you have such a user account, TVersity Media Server may be able to log in to your account on your behalf, and this will allow you to play these videos.

In the GUI, go to User Accounts page and enter your credentials for the relevant website. If the website you wish to login to, does not appear in that list, be sure to let us know. As a side benefit, by logging on to your account you may be able to control other aspects of your video viewing experience, such as video quality, subtitles, resume where you left off and more.

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