Quick Start for Nintendo Wii

  1. Open the Wii’s web browser and enter the address http://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:41952/flashlib, where xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx is the IP address of the computer on your home network that is running TVersity. You can find out the IP address of your computer on Windows by following the instructions on this page. This will display the Adobe flash based interface TVersity offers for navigating the media library. If this page does not load, chances are you forgot to change your firewall settings such that TVersity can act as a server.
  2. Once the page loads, you can start navigating your media library. Select some audio file and it should start playing (for online content, and specifically online radio stations, it may take up to 30 seconds for playback to start so please be patient). During playback you can move the pointer down the screen to get the usual playback controls. You can click on the stop button to stop the audio and go back to the menus. You can also pause live streaming audio (like online radio stations), because the TVersity Media Server comes with built in support for time shifting.
  3. Go back to the menus (by stopping the audio) and use the UP button at the top several times to go back in the menus all the way to the top level menu. Alternatively move the cursor on the screen to the top and a toolbar will be displayed. Click the home icon on the toolbar and you should go to the top level menu. Select now to the Video option and then navigate to some video. After a few seconds the playback will start. During playback you can use the playback controls to rewind or fast forward (you cannot go forward beyond the latest point in the stream that was already converted to flash video).
  4. Congratulations! You have successfully installed the server and used it to play online content on your Nintendo Wii.

Please note that the above procedure works on the Sony Playstation 3 as well, however the PS3 also supports DLNA which can deliver a superior user experience and fully integrated into the XMB. If you do decide to test the PS3 using the Flash interface, please note the following:

  1. You may need to first adjust the display setting of the PS3 to 480i/p or standard NTSC/PAL, otherwise video playback will stutter (due to performance limitation of the Adobe Flash player running on the PS3).
  2. Navigation on the PS3 is done via the arrows, you will only need to use the X button once to give focus to the browser window, and afterwards you only need to use the arrow keys on the left side of the game pad. The left and right arrows allow you to go in and out of menu options and to start playing audio/video, while the up and down arrows let you scroll up and down.
  3. Unlike the Wii, you can also download media files to the PS3 hard drive (and have TVersity automatically convert them to a format the PS3 can play) navigate to the media you wish to download and have it highlighted then move the cursor up to the top area of the screen, once the toolbar is displayed click the download button and select from the menu the PS3. This will start a conversion (if necessary) of the source media to a format the PS3 can handle and in the same time it will download this file to the PS3. Once the download is complete, exit the web browser, go to the video section of the PS3 menus and the video should be there, click on it to play it.
  4. If downloaded media does not play it may be because the PS3 will refuse to play videos that do not have an audio track. TVersity might produce such videos if the audio track on the original video is such that TVersity cannot convert it. If you experience this problem, you can overcome it by installing a directshow filter that will allow TVersity to decode that audio track (for example DVD videos typically use AC3 audio so they require the AC3 filter for decoding).
  5. An alternative interface for downloading media files can be accessed by pointing the web browser to http://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:41952/. This will display a lean HTML interface (designed for mobile devices like the Sony PSP). You navigate this interface just like any web page and can download files to the PS3 hard drive by clicking on them. As mentioned above, when files are downloaded (as opposed to streamed) they can be at up to 1080p resolutions and they can be played with any PS3 display setting.