TVersity iPhone Apps now on the App Store

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We are very pleased to announce today the availability of our iPhone apps (free and Pro).

TVersity for iOS is the best way to access your PC media library on your home network. Your entire music collection and video and photo libraries can be available at your fingertips.

All you need is the TVersity Media Server running on a PC and ready to serve your personal media to your devices.

With super simple user-interface and ultrafast navigation and search there is no easier way to play and view your entire media library.

Of-course if you have the Pro edition of the TVersity Media Server you will be able to play all your media on the iPhone, otherwise only files supported by the iPhone will play.

The iPhone apps are also compatible with the TVersity Screen Server and as such offer a great way to play any web content (Flash based or not) on the iPhone.

The iPhone apps come in two flavors, free, which is ad supported, and Pro, which has no ads and offers additional functionality, such as sharing photos with friends and saving photos to the camera roll.

You can get the TVersity Pro for iPhone on the app store at:

You can get the free TVersity app for iPhone on the app store at:

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Version 3.7 is here