New Release from TVersity (0.9.10)

TVersity 0.9.10 is out, featuring support for the Sony Playstation 3, Nintendo Wii, Nokia N800 and video transcoding for the Sony PSP. This new release has a new Adobe Flash based media library interface that allows audio and video streaming to any device that supports the flash runtime. While this interface was created specifically for the Sony Playstation 3 and for the Nintendo Wii, it can be used on many other devices and on computers of any operating system.

This new release has many additional improvements under the hood, designed to allow video/audio conversion to many new formats such as Divx, MPEG4, Flash Video and more (TVersity could convert these formats to MPEG1/2 before, however conversion to these formats is a new addition).

Wii owners, please note that due to inability to get a Nintendo Wii, support for this unit is experimental, however some users already report success in streaming both audio and video.

As always, we ask that you take the time to share with us your feedback and ideas for further improvement. This is now especially important as we approach our 1.0 release and wish to emerge out of beta status.

Download the new release at:

Release notes are here.