TVersity offers better Nintendo Wii and DirectTV HR20 support

We are happy to announce the availability of TVersity featuring better support for the Nintendo Wii and the DirectTV HR20.

The Adobe Flash interface for the Wii and PS3 is now fully operational via cursor motion/clicks and it no longer requires the use of arrow keys. This change was made to better support the Nintendo Wii:

  • There is a new up one level button that is always visible and is more accessible than the one in the toolbar.
  • The scroll bars are larger and allow page scrolling in addition to single item scrolling.
  • Playback controls are displayed once the cursor is moved to the bottom of the screen. For the DirectTV HR20, images at resolution higher than 1920×1080 are now downsampled since this device cannot handle very high resolutions.

You can download this new release at: