New version is almost here + Blackberry Support

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A few months ago we posted some screenshots of our new user interface. It has been awfully quiet ever since on our blog since we were hard at work implementing the new interface as well as many other improvements. This upcoming release is major for us, we will finally hit 1.0 and so we decided to give it an extra week or two if necessary and do it right. In the meantime, we wanted to give you a little something to look at, while we finalize our work.

So… we are happy to announce that one of the new features in our 1.0 release will be Blackberry support. We will support the 81xx, 83xx, 88xx models (also known as Pearl, Curve and World Edition) and we will require OS4.2 or higher (streaming requires OS 4.3 or higher). For video, models that support WiFi are naturally recommended (this is until a 3G model becomes available…).

To help you visualize it we have created a short video and uploaded it to YouTube. We do not know how many TVersity users own one of these Blackberry models, so please drop us a note and let us if this feature strikes a cord with you.