Announcing availability of the TVersity button on

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It is with great pleasure that we announce the availability of the TVersity 1-click subscription button on

Adding new live Internet channels to TVersity has never been easier now that has added these buttons, simply head over to their site and click on the TVersity button whenever you come across a channel you like. Assuming TVersity is installed on that PC, this will open your TVersity application and add that channel to it (all you need to do is confirm that you have TVersity and then when it opens confirm the addition of the channel).

Peter Woodford, the founder of has been a great supporter and worked diligently with his team to add our button ever since he got a request from a user. Here is what he had to say about this new feature on their website, “ are glad to have the Tversity button available so that our visitors and members can get access to free online TV from a multitude of devices.”

For those that do not know, they are a social network for free online TV. They already have widgets and gadgets for Mac, Vista, XP platforms and social networks like facebook and according to Peter when they added the TVersity button, they wanted to answer to their audience some of whom are already TVersity users.

Once you try it, you will know that this is how easy it should be to add any web content to TVersity. So if other content publishers see this post, please follow the steps of and G4TV and add our button to your site. People really want to be able to watch your content on devices other than the PC and it is up to you to make it easily available for all.