Setting up TVersity with your Wii

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We came across this great blog post by Dan Gross with a very nice step by step guide for setting up TVersity with the Wii. It was particularly interesting because Dan is an educator and cares about podcasts of that nature.

We never gave much thought about TVersity in education but I guess there is definitely some value in being able to manage a global repository of the school audio/video collection and then have access to it from each classroom / media room using a simple and low cost device like the Wii + a TV screen.

Not many users are aware of it, but the free TVersity version can serve up to 30 concurrent streams and more and can do multiple transcodes simultaneously (depending on the CPU+memory available to it). Moreover it can serve the same transcode to multiple recipients and it proxies Internet content, serving one incoming stream to as many recipients as needed and caching it for future use. This means that your school Internet connection is not getting clogged with many different attempts to access essentially the same media.