TVersity 1.0 RC2 is here

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We have been hard at work fixing some issues with RC1 and adding album art support and today we bring you TVersity 1.0 RC2.

Album art support is the main new feature of this release, it is compatible with the Sony PS3 as well as with the HTML interface (PSP, iPhone, Blackberry, etc.) and flash interface (Wii). Album art support relies on JPEG files conforming to certain naming conventions that are present in the same folder as music tracks. These files can be created by either Windows Media Player or WinAmp and TVersity will pick them up, or users can add them manually.

To give you full control over the album art image, TVersity allows you to override the art assigned to a certain album by adding to the folder that contains track belonging to the album an image file named: albumart..jpg

If such file does not exist, TVersity looks for files added automatically by Windows Media Player or by WinAmp. We do not currently take album art files created by iTunes.

In addition to music album art, this release also display art icons on the Sony PS3 next to RSS feed items that have such icons in the RSS (e.g. YouTube feeds).

Finally, many issues were fixed based on the great feedback we received from the community. More info at:

Download the new release at: