Version 2.7 here

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We are very pleased to announce the availability of the TVersity Media Server 2.7.

The highlight of this release is support for Sony Bravia TVs and better DLNA compliance all around for increased compatibility with devices not officially supported. Many devices that refused to inter-operate with TVersity, are now fully expected to work.

We are also pleased to eliminate the browser toolbar in all our software editions. Recently our toolbar partner has taken a different direction, which is not aligned with our values and so we have decided to stop including it in our software.

We also expanded the universe of DirectShow filters potentially used to transcode content and offer the usual dosage of bug fixes an minor improvements.

You can download it at:

As we gear up towards our 3.0 release (with Chromecast support and other goodies), we may do additional 2.x releases with incremental improvements so please stay tuned.

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