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We are thrilled to announce the availability of the TVersity Media Server 3.0. This is a major release with an all new user interface, a lot of new functionality and of-course bug fixes.

The highlights of this release are:

  1. Introduce an all new user interface, which is HTML5 based and is significantly simplified.

  2. Hardware accelerated H.264 encoding via Intel Quick Sync Video, allows 3 times faster encoding (up to 1080p) at half the CPU consumed by software encoding (Pro only).

  3. Support for Chromecast:

    1. An all new, search centric, HTML5 interface is available for navigating the library and selecting media to play on the Chromecast.

    2. Play every format on Chromecast via on-the-fly transcoding to WEBM/VP8 (Pro only).

  4. Support for Roku:

    1. The built in Roku Media Player app is now fully supported.

    2. Play every format on Roku via on-the-fly transcoding to H.264 and HLS streaming (Pro only).

We are also re-introducing the free version, which is identical to Pro but cannot transcode audio and video (and naturally we are retiring the Basic version).

You can download it at:

The new HTML5 interface for Chromecast.

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