Version 3.3 is here

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We are glad to announce the availability of version 3.3 with self-healing capabilities after crashing during media library indexing.

The number one support issue we have been getting is related to the indexing process quitting in the middle due to a corrupt file causing a crash. The problem was that any subsequent indexing attempts (i.e. media library refresh) would quit again in the same place and so some media was never getting added to the library.

Now, you might say, just fix the crash (typically in ffmpeg) and we have been doing that of-course, but for those users whose library failed to index this was not any consolation.

And so we finally decided to keep track of those files and skip them the next time the library is indexed. We are also resuming the indexing automatically which basically results in a complete recovery after such a crash.

Of-course this release includes other improvements, for a full list of changes please go here.

You can download the latest version here.

To learn what’s new in the major 3.0 release please check this post.

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