Version 3.2 is here

We are glad to announce the availability of version 3.2 with an HTML5 interface that supports playing your media in the browser as well as easy browsing and searching (for best experience please use Chrome).

Having a really great interface for accessing your media library from web browsers is obviously super important and yet our web and Flash interfaces were dated and insufficient, so it is time to fix this, right?

Ever since we released an HTML5 media library interface for casting media to Chromecast, the plan was to extend it so that it can also play the media in the browser (including full screen support). Unfortunately this functionality could not make it into the 3.0 build and so we have been working hard on making it available as soon as possible, and today we finally release it. Please try it and let us know what you think.

A full list of changes is available here.

You can download the latest version here.

To learn what’s new in the major 3.0 release please check this post.

Version 3.1 is here

Just a few weeks after making a major release (3.0), we are making a small bug fix release (3.1) to address some issues that came up in the field. In addition to a long list of bug fixes we also added to the GUI some new functionality.

A full list of changes is available here.

You can download the latest version here.

To learn what’s new in the major 3.0 release please check this post.

Please stay tuned for our 3.2 release which will include a more comprehensive HTML5 interface for the media library. This interface will become the preferred way to play media in the browser (and not just with Chromecast), replacing both our old web interface and our Flash interface.

Version 3.0 is here

We are thrilled to announce the availability of the TVersity Media Server 3.0. This is a major release with an all new user interface, a lot of new functionality and of-course bug fixes.

The highlights of this release are:

  1. Introduce an all new user interface, which is HTML5 based and is significantly simplified.
  2. Hardware accelerated H.264 encoding via Intel Quick Sync Video, allows 3 times faster encoding (up to 1080p) at half the CPU consumed by software encoding (Pro only).
  3. Support for Chromecast:
    1. An all new, search centric, HTML5 interface is available for navigating the library and selecting media to play on the Chromecast.
    2. Play every format on Chromecast via on-the-fly transcoding to WEBM/VP8 (Pro only).
  4. Support for Roku:
    1. The built in Roku Media Player app is now fully supported.
    2. Play every format on Roku via on-the-fly transcoding to H.264 and HLS streaming (Pro only).

We are also re-introducing the free version, which is identical to Pro but cannot transcode audio and video (and naturally we are retiring the Basic version).

You can download it at:

The new HTML5 interface for Chromecast.

Version 2.7 here

We are very pleased to announce the availability of the TVersity Media Server 2.7.

The highlight of this release is support for Sony Bravia TVs and better DLNA compliance all around for increased compatibility with devices not officially supported. Many devices that refused to inter-operate with TVersity, are now fully expected to work.

We are also pleased to eliminate the browser toolbar in all our software editions. Recently our toolbar partner has taken a different direction, which is not aligned with our values and so we have decided to stop including it in our software.

We also expanded the universe of DirectShow filters potentially used to transcode content and offer the usual dosage of bug fixes an minor improvements.

You can download it at:

As we gear up towards our 3.0 release (with Chromecast support and other goodies), we may do additional 2.x releases with incremental improvements so please stay tuned.

Version 2.4 is here

We are pleased to announce the availability of version 2.4 - this is primarily to fix various issues with web content and to add support for additional premium web content (like

Full release notes at:

Download it at:

Version 2.3 is here

We are pleased to announce the availability of version 2.3 - this is primarily to address audio loss with Flash 11.3 for some web content (including Hulu).

Sadly, the Basic version no longer supports YouTube content. This is because YouTube prohibits direct access to their media. The Pro version is using a server-side web browser and therefore does not need to access the media directly. Needless to say, we are looking for ways to restore support for YouTube content in the Basic version.

Full release notes at:

Download it at:

Version 2.2 is here

We are please to announce the availability of version 2.2. This is yet another installment of small fixes and minor improvements:

  • New Features
    • Full support for various Sony Google TVs models.
    • Avoid transcoding blu-ray movies with devices that support them.
    • Improved support for transcoding Ogg Vorbis files.
    • Restore the ability to enter user/password for Hulu (required to access Hulu plus by subscribers.)
    • Restore support for RMVB.
  • Bug Fixes
    • USB drives and network drives are no longer removed from the library after a reboot.
    • PS3 no longer stops playing Hulu videos once the 2GB mark is reached.

It is an app world and 2.1 is here

We are very excited to announce the availability of TVersity Media Server version 2.1.

The 2.x versions (2.0 and 2.1 so far) bring a number of notable improvements under the hood, while making no GUI changes. Of most interest is the complete rewrite of our real-time transcoding engine with the following main benefits over the previous implementation:

  • It works correctly disregarding the codec pack installed and even when codec hell is prevalent on the system.
  • It can now utilize Windows Foundation codecs and demuxers and not just DirectShow (Windows 7 only).
  • It now converts only audio or only video when possible, thus requiiring less system resources and maintaining the original quality of the source materials.
  • It chooses the most appropriate audio language (for MKV and DIVX) when multiple audio tracks exist with different languages and the most appropriate subtitle language (for MKV) when multiple subtitle languages exist.
  • It takes into account the system capabilities when determing transcoding paramters by executing a transcodng benchmark the first time the software runs after an installation.

A lot has changed in the software world ever since TVersity got started. Most notably the concept of app stores came to exist and people habits have changed. It is no longer outrageous for consumers to pay a few dollars for software, even for little apps that were developed in a few days. In the same time it is quite unusual to pay for high end software more than twenty dollars or so.

For that reason we are changing our economic model with version 2.0 and we are reducing the price of the Pro version from $39.99 to $19.99. Our non Pro version, which used to be free, will be called Basic from now on and will cost a few dollars.

We feel that this is more in line with today’s world and would love to hear what you think.

TVersity Media Server 1.9.6 is here!

After a 6 months of silence we are very pleased to release the TVersity Media Server 1.9.6. This release has many improvements under the hood (in preparation for 2.0 which will have even more!)

With this release we have added support for many devices but the coolest ones got to be Android tablets running Android 3.0. You can now play all your personal and Internet media via the DLNA clients included on these tablets.

Here is a partial list of newly supported devices:

  • Added device profiles for Android 3.0 tablets (tested with Asus Eeepad Transformer TF101 but should work on other Android 3.0 tablets - let us know if this is not the case). Please note that transcoding for Android requires the Pro edition, and only Android 3.0 or higher is supported.
  • Added device profiles for WDTV Live.
  • Added device profiles for various Samsung TV models.
  • Added user contributed device profile for Logitech Revue.
  • Added user contributed device profile for Windows Phone 7.

Full release notes at:

Download it at:

On the fly transcoding for the iPhone/iPad is here

We are pleased to announce the release of TVersity Media Server 1.9 featuring:

Pro Edition

  • Transcoding to H.264 is now supported and so is HTTP Live Streaming.
  • On the fly transcoding for iPhone/iPad/iPod touch including transcoding of local media and web content.
  • Full support for the iPad.

All Editions

  • Revamped iPod/iPad interface with support for:
    • Move to next item automatically when playing music.
    • Keyword search.
  • Add some user contributed device profiles (mainly Blu-ray players and connected TVs).
  • Transcoding of FLV with H264, and of MPEG2 transport streams is supported.
  • Many bug fixes and other minor improvements.

Once again we are pushing the boundaries of what a home media server is, and incorporating into TVersity features that are typically found in high-end enterprise level streaming solutions.

The videos embedded in this post are demonstrating some of the features above.

One byproduct of this release is that you now have more reasons than ever to go pro. In case you do not know what are exactly the differences, the table below may prove helpful:

Free Pro
On the fly transcoding except iPad/iPhone/iPod Yes
Transcode to H.264 No Yes
YouTube except premium web content Yes
Hulu No Yes
Other premium web content No Yes
iPad/iPhone/iPod touch Music and Photos Music, Photos and Video
Xbox 360 Yes Yes
PS3 Yes Yes
Wii Yes Yes
Annual Maintenance N/A 50% (optional for an additional year of free updates)

Full release notes are here.

Download latest version here.